Our History

In 1927, Nathan Malinow and Nathan Simons founded Malinow and Simons Mortuary to serve the burial needs of the growing Jewish community in Southern California.  Nathan Malinow's father, Herman Malinow, had been among the city's first unofficial undertakers; a task that emerged from his position as sexton of the B'nai B'rith Congregation.  Although Simons passed away just a few years later,  the business remained Malinow and Simons for a number of years to follow.

In the early 1940's Nathan Malinow began transitioning the business to his son, Alvin.  At that time, he asked his son-in-law, Morton Silverman (who was working as manager at Home of Peace Cemetery), to join the business.  In 1946, Alvin and Morton became partners, and the business was renamed Malinow and Silverman.

In the early 1980's,  Alvin and Morton made the decision to sell the business to a growing "death care" corporation called Service Corporation International (SCI).  Although Morton stayed on as an employee, the sale essentially ended what had been nearly 60 years of being a family business.

In 2004, SCI - having a need to divest - sold Malinow and Silverman to longtime manager Randy Ziegler, thus returning the mortuary to being "family owned and operated."

In 2016, Randy - looking to pursue other interests - sold the business to Eric and Susan Rothman, the present owners.  Eric and Susan hope to continue the tradition of personalized family-run funeral service for many years to come.