Why do Pre-Planning?

​Planning ahead for your mortuary needs and funeral service is a truly wonderful gift for your loved ones.  There are several reasons why you should take care of these things in advance.

​First, advance planning allows you to make all of the important decisions ahead of time, such as what type of casket you would like,  your preference for traditional burial or cremation, and details for the actual service.  You may also wish to have religious rituals performed like tahara (ritual cleansing) and shmira (ritual guarding).  This can all be specified as part of your pre-need arrangements and written out during your meeting with one of our directors.

​Next, we have a program which allows you to pay in advance for all of the services as well.  We offer a guaranteed plan - you purchase our services and merchandise at today's prices, and no matter when the actual time of need arises, your family will not have to pay any additional costs for the items you have selected, even if those prices have increased.  This removes the burden of your loved ones having to come up with a substantial amount of money before the funeral service can take place.  (Please note that cemeteries do have certain fees such as opening and closing of the burial space, which are due at the time of service, that are not included in your pre-arrangement with our mortuary.)

​The most important reason for doing pre-planning is that it will provide tremendous peace of mind to you and your family.  With everything planned out and paid for, your family can rest assured that your wishes will be honored and they will not be left with a financial burden.  They will not have to spend valuable time shopping for a mortuary when that time should be spent together emotionally supporting each other.

​If you would like more information, or wish to set up a meeting at your convenience in your home, please contact us.